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Wolfgang Nelson
Wolfgang Nelson
Wolfgang Nelson
Wolfgang Nelson

Maria Nelson



Foto Nelson

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1080 Wien


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Maria Nelson
Maria Nelson

About Wolfgang Nelson:


Wolfgang Andreas Nelson ist the 4th generation photographer based in Vienna.

The origin of the family business "Foto Nelson" dates back to 1860 and was founded by Karl Nelson. The company still exist, meanwhile, for over 150 years.


1914 the company got the awarding to be allowed to use the title:

Imperial and Royal Photographer (K & K)

(in addition, with the special permission to work in the royal private rooms as well)


Awarded with several golden and silver medals and the Diploma of honor by the

Imperial Royal highness

Archduke Rainer / Archduchess Maria Rainer


Maybe this family business is the last and only of its kind that still exists, that is allowed to use the title “Imperial and Royal Photographer”

Later it was his grandfather, who was the first in Austria, using an “electronic flash unit” as a photographer.


Wolfgang Nelson, also a passionate photographer is looking back on a long-standing family tradition. He was transforming his Business from analog to digital photography as it is today and does his best to advance the future of photography for generations to come with many ideas and innovations.


Quote: Wolfgang Nelson

“You can never be perfect in photography.

For everyone, perfection means something different.

The technology offers so many new innovations almost every day and it is a constant process of learning, to be a part of it, to grow with it and to bring yourself further.”


“Photography is an art, and as in all the arts,

it is the simplicity that comes closest to perfection.”

“But mastering this simplicity is a constant process of learning and usually takes years to find it for yourself


and so I am still constantly learning and perfecting new skills as well.”


(Wolfgang Nelson)